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The materials I require

Copyright and ownership

You retain sole copyright and ownership of all materials submitted to Small World Bookworks for eBook formatting and conversion, and of the files produced and delivered to you when the work is completed.

See the Small World Bookworks terms and conditions.

The process

  1. Email me (see Contact page) to request an estimate of cost and turnaround time. I will need to know:
    • what type of work it is (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc.)
    • how many words
    • whether you wish to include images and, if so, how many
    • which format(s) you require (see Which Format?)
  2. If you are satisfied with my estimate, email me your files as attachments (see Materials Required, above). This will enable me to examine them in detail, and…

  3. …send you an email with a firm quote and an estimate of how long the project will take.

  4. Once I have your confirmation that you are happy with my final quote, I will send you an invoice for your deposit.

  5. When I have received your deposit (see How to Pay on the Pricing & Order page I will carry out your eBook formatting and conversion, and send the file(s) to you via email, ready for you to check over and upload to your chosen eBookstore(s).

There is a fair amount of advice available to help with the actual uploading of your files, both on the eBookstores’ own sites and from authors who have gone through the process themselves (see Useful Links). If you should get stuck, though, contact me and I’ll see if I can help.


The time needed to format your document will depend on its size and complexity, on how many formats you have requested, and on my current workload. Normally, turnaround should be in days rather than weeks.

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