Terms and Conditions

The contract

The contract between the client and Small World Bookworks commences when the client’s deposit is received. The deposit is non-returnable.

Payment is due within 14 days of receipt of the invoice.

Copyright and ownership

The client retains sole copyright and ownership of all materials submitted to Small World Bookworks for proofreading and/or eBook formatting and conversion, and of the files produced and delivered to the client by Small World Bookworks when the work is completed.

Plagiarism and breach of copyright

If, after the commencement of a contract, Small World Bookworks discovers that the client has plagiarised another’s work or infringed the copyright of another author, work will cease and the contract will be terminated.

Unsuitable or misleading material

Small World Bookworks reserves the right to refuse to proofread and/or eformat any document that is defamatory, pornographic, or aims to incite discrimination.

Small World Bookworks is not responsible for the opinions expressed or for any inaccurate or misleading information contained within client documents.


Small World Bookworks is not liable for damages, including lost revenues, loss of business, or loss of data related to these services.

Small World Bookworks is not responsible for problems outside its control such as server or internet services being temporarily unavailable.

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